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Description of Clausen Codes

                   *****CLAUSEN CATEGORIES*****

  1.  Government Management 
       Environmental control; government regulation of business; 
       natural resource management; government ownership of business; 
       government control of the economy; budget balancing; tax policy; 
       interest rates; management of the bureaucracy; etc. 
  2.  Social Welfare 
       Social security; public housing; urban renewal; labor 
       regulation; education; urban affairs; employment opportunities and 
       rewards; welfare; medicare; unemployment; minimum wage; legal 
       services; immigration, etc. 
  3.  Agriculture 
       Price supports and subsidies; commodity control; acreage 
       limitations; etc. 
  4.  Civil Liberties 
       Civil rights; equality; criminal procedure; privacy; 
       guarantees of the Bill of Rights; slavery; Hatch Act; etc. 
  5.  Foreign and Defense Policy 
       International policy; foreign aid; aid to international 
       organizations; armament policy; defense procurement; international 
       trade; military pensions; etc. 
  6.  Miscellaneous Policy 
       Unclassifiable or unidentifiable votes; all votes concerned 
       with internal organization of Congress; procedural motions.