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Log of K7MOA Portland, Oregon, 1972
 27 APR  1972 1615PST WB9IBM       HAMILTON     ILLINOIS       JOHN    14    SSB
 27 APR  1972 1626PST K7PFX        LAS VEGAS    NEVADA         KEN     14    SSB
 27 APR  1972 1917PST WB0DRG       COLORADO SPRICOLORADO       WES     14    SSB
 27 APR  1972 1939PST WB8FBC       COLDWATER    MICHIGAN       GEORGE  14    SSB
 27 APR  1972 1953PST KH6CQR       HONOLULU     HAWAII         BILL    14    SSB
 27 APR  1972 2003PST W0JYJ/0      LIBERTY      MISSOURI       PETE    14    SSB
 27 APR  1972 2003PST WA3MUT       PITTSBURGH   PENNSYLANIA    TOM     14    SSB
 27 APR  1972 2003PST W9ORU        CHICAGO      ILLINOIS       AUSTIN  14    SSB
 28 APR  1972 1440PST WB2CNH       EMPIRE       NEW YORK       CHRIS   14    SSB
 29 APR  1972 1305PST WA7PMI       PORTLAND     OREGON         JIM      7    SSB
 29 APR  1972 1844PST W0IQJ        GRINNELL     IOWA           BILL    14    SSB
 10 MAY  1972 0002PST KL7HFE       ANCHORAGE    ALASKA         JACK    14    SSB