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Jan and Keith Go to Catalina Island!!

The View from the Ferry -- Dana Point through the fog

Jan is Cold!

Keith is Cold!

Catalina Island Through the Fog

Catalina Harbor -- The Round Building is the famous Casino Built by Wrigley

A Beautiful Fountain on the Pedestrian Walkway by the Bay

A Planter Surrounding some Palm Trees with Roses -- Note the Nice Tiles

A View of the Harbor -- A Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship was at Anchor During our Visit

Jan by the Harbor

A View up the Hill Away From the Harbor

Jan and the Cruise Ship

Jan at the Entrance to the Walkway to the Casino

The Walkway to the Casino

The Tilework Along the Walkway to the Casino

Keith Rests Along the Walkway to the Casino

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!

The Exterior Tile Work at the Front of the Casino

The Chimes Building on the Side of the Hill above the Casino

It's Dark as We leave Santa Catalina Island at the End of a Nice Day

A Cool Float in the Back of the Boat!

Meanwhile While We Were Gone Stella and Pearl Enjoyed the View!

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