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Recent Talks

The Past and Future of Ideal Point Estimation: Overheads Used in the Talk

Recent Papers

The following papers are in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format. If you do not have an Adobe Acrobat reader, you may obtain one for free at http://www.adobe.com.

"The Polarization of Contemporary American Politics" (with Christopher Hare, September 2013)

"Why Hasn't Democracy Slowed Rising Inequality?" (with Adam Bonica, Nolan McCarty, and Howard Rosenthal, August 2013)

"The Structure of Utility in Spatial Models of Voting" (with Royce Carroll, Jeffrey B. Lewis, James Lo, and Howard Rosenthal, December 2012)

"Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling" (with Dave Armstrong, Ryan Bakker, Royce Carroll, and Christopher Hare, October 2012)

"Bayesian Metric Multidimensional Scaling" (with Ryan Bakker, October 2012)

"A Spatial Model for Legislative Roll Call Analysis." GSIA Working Paper 5-83-84, September 1983 (With Howard Rosenthal). (This is the 1983 original -- our first paper on NOMINATE. For historical purposes only. Please note the discussion pages 14 and 15.)

"Does Gerrymandering Cause Polarization?" (with Nolan McCarty and Howard Rosenthal, July 2009)

"The Scientific Status of Geometric Models of Choice." (May, 2009)

"NOMINATE and American Political History: A Primer." by Phil Everson (Swarthmore), Rick Valelly (Swarthmore), and Jim Wiseman (Agnes Smith)

"The Roots of the Polarization of Modern U. S. Politics." (September, 2008)

"Comparing NOMINATE and IDEAL: Points of Difference and Monte Carlo Tests." (with Royce Carroll, Jeffrey B. Lewis, James Lo, and Howard Rosenthal, August 2008)

"Scaling Roll Call Votes With wnominate in R." (with Royce Carroll, Jeffrey B. Lewis, and James Lo, June 2008)

"A Method of Linking Surveys Using Affective 'Signatures' with an Application to Racial/Ethnic Groups in the U. S." (with Marisa A. Abrajano, April 2008)

"Measuring Bias and Uncertainty in DW-NOMINATE Ideal Point Estimates via the Parametric Bootstrap." (with Royce Carroll, Jeffrey B. Lewis, James Lo, and Howard Rosenthal, September 2007)

"Extremism, Intensity, and Perception in Congressional Voting." GSIA Working Paper 33-83-84, March 1984 (With Howard Rosenthal). (This is the 1984 original -- For historical purposes only.)

"The Evolving Influence of Psychometrics in Political Science." (December 2005)

"The Decline and Rise of Party Polarization in Congress During the Twentieth Century." (October 2005)

"The Unidimensional Congress, 1919-84." GSIA Working Paper 44-84-85 (With Howard Rosenthal) (This is the 1985 original -- For historical purposes only.)

Inferring Universals From Grammatical Variation: Multidimensional Scaling for Typological Analysis (with William Croft, 19 July 2004)

"Measuring Bias and Uncertainty in Ideal Point Estimates via the Parametric Bootstrap" (with Jeffrey B. Lewis, 26 December 2003)

Political Polarization and Income Inequality With Nolan McCarty and Howard Rosenthal (Revised, 27 January 2003).

Changing Minds? Not in Congress! (Revised, 15 January 2003)

Congressional Party Defection in American History With Tim Nokken (3 December 2002).

On Measuring Partisanship in Roll Call Voting: The U.S. House of Representatives, 1877-1999 (contains Appendix referenced by the published version of the paper) With Gary Cox (29 April 2002).

Appendix B for the Published Version of "The Hunt For Party Discipline in Congress" (referred as part of the published version and omitted to save space) With Nolan McCarty and Howard Rosenthal (10 September 2001).

Proof that if Voting is Perfect in One Dimension, then the First Eigenvector Extracted from the Double-Centered Transformed Agreement Score Matrix has the Same Rank Ordering as the True Data

The Hunt For Party Discipline in Congress With Nolan McCarty and Howard Rosenthal (Revised, 2 January 2001)

Appendix to NonParametric Unfolding of Binary Choice Data (2000 Political Analysis article)

The Geometry of Multidimensional Quadratic Utility in Models of Parliamentary Roll Call Voting (2000 Midwest paper)

D-NOMINATE After 10 Years: A Comparative Update to Congress: A Political-Economic History of Roll Call Voting (1999 APSA paper) with Howard Rosenthal.

NOMINATE: A Short Intellectual History

Non-Parametric Unfolding of Binary Choice Data (1998 APSA paper)

How to Use the Black Box (Updated, 4 August 1998)

Congress and the Territorial Expansion of the United States with Nolan M. McCarty and Howard Rosenthal (Updated, 27 July 1999).

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