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13 March 2000: Final Exam Answers are below.

Final Examination Answers

2 March 2000: The Practice Final Answers are below.

Practice Final Answers

2 March 2000: Practice Hypothesis Testing Problem Answers are below.

Practice Hypothesis Testing Problem Answers

28 February 2000: The Practice Final is below.

Practice Final

24 February 2000: Practice Hypothesis Testing Problems: 10.5, 10.7, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.15, 10.58, 10.65, 10.68. I will post the answers to these problems next Friday.

22 February 2000: Midterm Answers and Homework #4 Answers

I have posted the answers to Homework #4. The midterm answers are below.

Midterm Answers

10 February 2000: Practice Midterm Answers and Homework #3 Answers

I have posted the answers to Homework #3. The practice midterm answers are below.

Practice Midterm Answers

7 February 2000: Practice Midterm and Homework #2 Answers

I have posted the answers to Homework #2. The practice midterm is below.

Practice Midterm

1 February 2000: Conditional Probability and Bayes Theorem Notes

Because of the bad snow storm in New England, some people could not catch all of lecture number 3. I have posted outlines of my notes (that Dennis used that night) linked to the corresponding topics on the main course page.

20 January 2000: Anonymous FTP

Some people have been reporting problems with downloading the Excel Spreadsheets. We do not know what the problem is. All of our testing here at CMU shows everything working perfectly. Another alternative is to go to k7moa.gsia.cmu.edu via anonymous FTP and download the file that way. Be sure to log in as anonymous and use the binary switch in FTP. For example:
FTP>get H99.XLS H99.XLS

and that will download the spreadsheet.

17 January 2000: Links to my Prob-Stat II web pages from AY97-98. These should be helpful for you to learn your way around EVIEWS.

How to Use Eviews
Prob-Stat II 1997-98: First Homework Assignment
Prob-Stat II 1997-98: Answers For First Homework Assignment

10 January 2000: Homework #1 is ready!

Homework #1: Due 25 January 2000