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V. The Political Economy of the American Revolution

  1. The Economic Grievances

    1. Cost of the French-Indian War 1753-1763

    2. British Payment of Defense Costs of Colonies

    3. The Navigation Acts and Enumerated Articles -- The Beginnings of True Enforcement

  2. The Politics

    1. The Economic Burden of Taxation by Britain

    2. Winners and Losers From the Navigation Acts

    3. Various Acts of Parliament 1763-1774

  3. The Shared Beliefs of the Colonists and the English

    1. The Glorious Revolution Settlement

    2. The Balance of the Three Pure Forms of Government Produces Liberty

    3. How Politics was Actually Conducted in North America and England

    4. The Opposition Literature in England

  4. The Declaration of Independence: A Mix of Economic and Political Grievances

  5. Financing the Revolution With Inflationary Paper Money

    1. Confiscation

    2. Direct Taxation

      1. Taxes on Current Population

      2. Taxes on Future Population (Bonds)

    3. Indirect Taxation (Inflation)

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